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Age is just a number!

Hello everyone all across the world!

Today, let me talk to you about my ambition. I’m kind of a person who always keeps trying something new, exciting, and challenging. A couple of weeks ago, I started learning Spanish on my own. Actually, it’s not a new thing because I studied Spanish for a certain period of time when I was 25. Having said that, I turned 60 this year, so, undoubtedly, it’s pretty much new, extremely exciting, and absolutely challenging as you imagine.

By the way, the reason why I used to study Spanish was very simple. I had been really into professional wrestling since I was a kid. I was especially fascinated by Mexican pro wrestlers’ fighting style called “Lucha Libre”. Their performance was incredibly acrobatic, dynamic, and dramatic! I wanted to visit Mexico and see their wrestling matches in the future. In order to enjoy my Mexico trip, I needed to acquire Spanish skills. It’s very simple, isn’t it? It’s too childish, maybe?

Anyways, I’ve just started my Spanish learning all over again and I’ll never give it up no matter what happens like before. As I mentioned, I’m 60 this year but I’m both mentally and physically so energetic compared to the last several years. Now I realized that age is just a number and it’s time to make my long-held dream come true! I’ll show you my progress from time to time!

Have a wonderful rest of your day!

Sanoshi Okumoto