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The two first-place winners unexpectedly connected. 

Hello everyone all across the world!
As you may know, most of our foreign guests usually go to the Tripadvisor official website to carefully look for their favorite restaurants in the area before their trip. Tripadvisor is one of the most reliable worldwide online sources with regards to local restaurants, hotels, and so forth. Among over 10,000 restaurants in the Kobe area, we were very honored to take the first place mark a couple of years ago and even now, we are highly regarded as Kobe’s top-rating restaurant.

Today’s story is about amazing guests who visited our restaurant before the Covid-19 crisis.
Please take a look at the photo with cute national flags! I think you’ve already noticed where this family came from. They specifically picked our restaurant via Tripadvisor and flew to Kobe all the way from Mexico. All of them were very cheerful and friendly and we had a great conversation while they were enjoying our signature steak dishes. I was so surprised that they own a big restaurant in Mexico and their restaurant has taken the first place there! And they’ve really wanted to experience our restaurant “Meriken・Hatoba” as Kobe’s No.1 restaurant on Tripadvisor during their Kobe trip. All of our staff members and I were extremely proud of it. It’s our great honor to hear it from the owner of Mexico’s No.1 restaurant.
We took this photo together because they asked me to join them for their precious memory as the two top restaurants.
We truly appreciate such an amazingly fateful opportunity beyond the sea!

On another note, here in Japan, the coronavirus vaccination program is gradually moving forward. However, the situation is still unclear and we are unsure when it will completely settle down at this point. It would probably take another 6 months or a year to be contained. Amid the world’s Covid-19 pandemic, the preparation of the Tokyo Olympic Games is also underway. There are both arguments for and against holding this big international event. Actually, it’s very difficult for me to take a position on this controversial and sensitive issue. Nevertheless, I used to play golf as a professional so I can absolutely understand how all Olympians feel. They’ve been sacrificing a countless number of things, putting all their hearts and souls into their athlete lives, and making their best efforts in order to take part in the Olympic Games. I hope this world’s biggest sports event will never be postponed again or let alone never called off so that all Olympic athletes will show the fruits of their labor.

Have a wonderful rest of your day!

Sonoshi Okumoto