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Congratulations! Hideki Matsuyama! The first Asian winner of The Masters Golf Tournament!

The biggest and the most honorable news topic has just come in! As Japanese, we can’t help but be proud of his great achievement!

Hideki Matsuyama! Congratulations on the victory of The Masters Golf Tournament!

Owing to the super negative impact of the prolonged Covid-19 pandemic that has been affecting our daily lives for more than a year, here in Japan as well as overseas, we haven’t heard good news very often.
Amid this extremely unusual, unstable, and unsafe condition, however, Japanese professional golfer, Hideki Matsuyama won one of the four highest and major championships in the professional golf world. On top of that, he is the first Asian winner of The Masters Tournament. This is absolutely a splendid feat!
Thank you very much for giving us happiness, energy, and courage for the future!

I used to be a professional golf coach, so I can imagine how his coach feels right now. Hideki, his coach, and all of his support team members must be really relieved and relaxed because all their efforts finally paid off.

Also, I think Japanese junior golfers were amazingly impressed by his remarkable accomplishment and many of them have already made up their minds to become professional golfers no matter what happens. I hope they believe in themselves and keep on trying until they achieve their goal and grab their dreams.

I would like to say it again! Thank you so much, Hideki!

Sonoshi Okumoto
(* The photo I posted shows antique golf clubs that are displayed inside my steakhouse. They look totally different from recent golf clubs, don’t you think?)