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What wonderful global communication!

Since the Covid19 pandemic, sadly, almost no foreign tourists have visited Kobe. Before this crisis, my steakhouse was teeming with many foreign guests every day. They had great conversations with big smiles while enjoying our…



Spanish Learning Update 1

Hello everyone all across the world! As I mentioned in my blog the time before last, I finally resumed my Spanish studying after about a two-decade break. In order to make my learning more…



Age is just a number!

Hello everyone all across the world! Today, let me talk to you about my ambition. I’m kind of a person who always keeps trying something new, exciting, and challenging. A couple of weeks ago, I…



My recent thoughts on coronavirus pandemic

It’s been over a year since the Covid19 virus spread all over the world. Under this unprecedented situation, a vast number of people across the nations including Japan, have been tackling difficulties every day. It…



New Arrival!

Hello everyone all across the world and thanks for waiting! The newest design of my artwork, silhouette self-portrait, has just released! ( I’m wearing one of my most favorite hats which is often called “New…



New year’s resolution 2021

Happy New Year to everyone all across the world! I hope you are doing well. Most of us have been struggling with this unpreceded coronavirus situation for more than a year and we still need…



Year-end and new year’s holidays

Meriken・Hatoba is closed from December 30th, 2020 to January 2nd, 2021. We will be open from January 3rd (11 am to 4 pm / Last call 3 pm) *Closed on Mondays and 1st and 3rd…



Thoughts of my silhouette self-portrait

Hello everyone all across the world! The photo posted today is my silhouette self-portrait. Could you guess who drew it? Well, I did it on my own. What do you think? Do you like it?…



A deep appreciation for our sweet domestic customers!

Before the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, our tiny restaurant was mainly teeming with foreign tourists with reservations. Therefore, it was not easy for domestic customers including Kobe locals to step in. As Kobe beef is well-known…



The best wine for the best Kobe beef! KOBE WINERY TOUR (Part 2)

This is a continuous story of the Kobe Winery tour (part1) and I’m your tour guide, Sonoshi Okumoto. (Part1: After the vineyard tour, I’ll take you through some facilities inside the winery to find…